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Full day Program 

7:00 am to 6:00 pm,

½ day Program

9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Also Available: 

2 (Tue/Thurs),

3 (Mon/Wed/Fri) ,
or 5 days.


Ages 4-5


Our Pre-K Program is an extension of our Preschool Program and is designed for 4-year-old children who will be turning 5 and preparing to enter Kindergarten. It is in alignment with the California State Standards for Preschool Learning Foundations and Curriculum Framework, as set forth by the California Department of Education. In addition, we work closely with local school districts and Kindergarten teachers to ensure that skills being taught will meet with the Kindergarten expectations.



The Pre-K Curriculum emphasizes the learning of letter/number/shape/color recognition, beginning phonics, math (counting, number sense, classification, patterning, sequencing, measurement, problem-solving), science (discovery, experiments, ecology, recycling, gardening), music, art, and self-help skills.


In addition, we reinforce cutting with scissors, pre-writing skills, and letter formation, as well as the growth and development of physical small and large motor skills, social/emotional growth and skills, language/literature/communication skills, sensory experiences, and academic abilities. We also offer on-site/off-site field trips to further enhance their learning experiences.



Transitional Kindergarten


For children whose 5th birthday misses the Kindergarten cut-off date of September 1st, we offer a Transitional Kindergarten Program. (To be eligible for enrollment in TK, a child’s birthday MUST fall between the dates of September 2nd and December 1st. 

Transitional Kindergarten is considered a combination of an advanced Pre-K program and year one of a two year Kindergarten program. Following the completion of TK, a child would then advance to Kindergarten in preparation for 1st grade. 

In addition to the skills reinforced in our Pre-K curriculum, the TK students begin to work on phonics and reading, writing, language and vocabulary development, number recognition and concepts to 20, counting to 100, before and after numbers, coin values, telling time, number words, color words, largest and smallest numbers, addition, same/different, fractions half and one fourth, patterning, music, art, craft projects, and science (nature, seasons, plants, animals and their habitats, and human body (health, five senses, heart and lungs).

Individual and group projects are incorporated throughout the year, and well as field trips which tie into the curriculum and learning activities.   



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