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About Rise & Shine



Since 1985, Rise & Shine Preschool and Kindergarten has been dedicated to providing a loving, nurturing and stimulating environment for children in the Santa Clarita Valley between the ages of eight weeks through Kindergarten.

Christian principles are portrayed throughout our entire curriculum, which includes art, music, play, group times, language development, cooking, field trips, stories, chapel and more. We provide a well-balanced program that encourages positive social, emotional, spiritual, physical and cognitive development, and do so in a way that meets your child’s needs in an attentive and encouraging way.

Unlike many preschools, we feature lower teacher-to-child ratios than the minimum set by the State of California (one per twelve). We maintain smaller class sizes with a ratio of one teacher for every three to eight children, depending upon the ages of the children in each class. This allows us the opportunity to support your child’s needs in a much more personal and attentive manner.

Our highly qualified Christian staff members are trained and accredited in Early Childhood Education and Child Growth and Development as required by the State Department of Social Services. The school is directed by Michelle DuPrey and governed by the Board of Directors of Valley Community Church. Michelle has been a preschool teacher since 1980, a staff member since 1988, and full-time Director since 1991. Michelle has an A.A. Degree in Child Development and Education, an Early Childhood Education Certificate, and is an active member of numerous childhood education associations including CRNSDF, ACEI, NAEYC, ACTS and CRECEF.

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